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Welcome to Knobel Knight Production's  Postcard from the states.

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Knobel Knight Production




NEW Name for twitter account @knobelKnight  replaces @neverlandLB even though we had wanted to do something with peterpan wwe made the move to associate with the brand. 


Equipment Loan  Contract Change

In response to some of issues to an event that was contracted and there were failures by the contributor:

  1. Contractor MUST pay for the shipping to/from our offices
  2. MUST pay a 250$ deposit for equipment and any items not returned will be charged
  3. Every 15 days material not turned in we will charge 50$ every 15 days late til turned in

This is effective 2/7/17




Press Release 


James Jackson - Media Relations 

The Progressive Group 


Orlando , fl Knobel Knight Production announce the following:


A former contributor may have accessed systems with in the organization with out permission. The effected system has had no data and was used as a set up to catch the former contributor cause we knew he was doing it prior. 


Snap shots for Postcards from the states will introduce the line in January 2017. 


Kevin Bennett,  is one leave so, Keyton Negorni , will serve as interim Executive Director til further notice. 




Women over 40's should get there yearly check ups who have a family history of cancer

BE A STAR not a bully

Many people who develop this act in school and don't get it correct as they enter adulthood have a greater chance of directly or indirectly causing harm to some one with there actions. It is inappropriate to call some one names or cause harm to any one. It is a crime and is punishable under the law. That's why it is important to show tolerance and respect

 If they say they care and do nothing in return 

RUN they are not worth the time or effort. These are people who like to live off people and take advantage of you an if it is not about them forget it. They dont care about you and will use and abuse you through manipulation and when they are done walk away. So walkway from them block there number, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and be done with them. 

- Dr Anthony Negroni 


Welcome ! This just in


our new twitter account




If we post anything on the account the agent posting it will list there name and the content 





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