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Presenting Tony Risoti

The Rest is Still Unwritten

When people lie there liars period. When users use people there two faced slim bags who just need to stop what they do and be a man and buck up and be an put your big boy pants on and stop the crap and look in the mirror and call yourself what you are HUSTLER.

When people play the game and it does damage they need to take responsibility and say you know what I am wrong and I am sorry. An if your friends and families find out what you did then say Yes I did it and stop being a little tramp and lie and say the other person is lying it shows how much of a toxic person you are and I find it amazing when they call the opposing person is. There a coward and should be ashamed when they may want to work with children and try and tech when their own moral values is sad and an example of why they should not be a teacher, or work with children because there not a role models and should not be trusted. I would be like they should not be in a role where makes decisions or hand money cause I bet there stealing and probably drinking on the job. Because if they have no respect for behavior and rules they will do anything and can't be trusted.

I can say when people do this there two face scum bags and should be ashamed because there behavior is no better than an escort. Cause they love to live off people, take advantage and when it is not about them forget it. GROW UP babies what you need your mommies to wipe your ass, provide you condoms, and bail you out when you party to much then maybe you need to grow up.

This piece was written by Tony Risoti- Promotion Manager Knobel Knight Production

This piece is the views of Tony and does not reflect the views of Knobel Knight Production and affiliates  


This blog is the opinion of the author and is not the opinion of Knobel Knight Production.